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October 2016 Update

Hey Kids, Lots of really cool shit going on with me. I’ll keep it brief. As most of you know I totally lucked out and got cast in an indie film starring Ed Asner called Love Meet Hope. It won a bunch of awesome awards and will be available for purchase on DVD at https://www.amazon.com/Love-Meet-Hope-Amanda-Markowitz/dp/B01INNMZOY You […]

How To Get Booked in a Movie… Guaranteed

How to Get Booked in a Movie… Guaranteed.  One of the first things I did when I moved to LA was look up my old friend, Brad Fowler. Brad and I performed stand up comedy together in Chicago. He had been here for 3 years pursuing acting. We met at an old diner where two […]

Don’t Fart in the Floatation Tank!

They say do what you fear and if my fear is being alone with my thoughts then trying a sense deprivation chamber or a “Floating tank” as their otherwise known sounded like exactly what I needed and particularly terrifying. I did some research online and found one in my area. I contacted them and they […]

One Year Later and Why I Should Quit

I’ve been a full time Comedian for exactly one year. And based on what I’ve learned in the last year… I should quit. The odds of “making it” are so slim and so minute. I need to face reality. I’m 37 which, it seems, is a dinosaur in this business. I’m white at a time […]

A Day with Dreesen

“I’m having lunch with Tom Dreesen.” I told the attendant at the security gate. That sounded surreal. I had met Tom once before years ago in Chicago. He gave a lecture to aspiring Comedians called “The Joy of Stand up Comedy” for free. He talked for over an hour about stand up comedy and I […]